Welcome to Livonia Sleep Solutions. Although 40 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea, astonishingly only 10% of them have been diagnosed.  Obstructive sleep apnea (referred to as OSA) is a potentially life threatening sleep disorder characterized by brief interruptions of breathing during sleep, and it can have a significant impact on the quality and length of your life.  

At Livonia Sleep Solutions our goal is to help people discover if they have sleep apnea, and help those that do find real solutions to their sleep problems and restore refreshing sleep to improve their overall health and quality of life.

Sleep Apnea
Severe sleep apnea raises the risk of dying early by 46%. Many people have heard of high blood pressure as the silent killer, sleep apnea could be known as the NOISY KILLER, because it is often associated with snoring. Some other common indicators include:

  • Loud or chronic snoring
  • Long pauses in breathing during the night
  • Excessive daytime tiredness and irritability

When a person with sleep apnea falls asleep, their bodies and muscles relax and their breathing airway collapses. The airway collapse may be complete or partial, preventing the body from getting enough oxygen. These events may happen hundreds of times a night, repeatedly denying oxygen to vital organs, which can severely damage them. This takes a serious toll on all your organs when repeated many times every night over many years. These events also disturb deep reparative sleep, leaving people feeling constantly tired.  

At Livonia Sleep Solutions we understand the tragic consequences of untreated OSA and we are highly motivated to help people discover if they have sleep apnea and treat it with the latest techniques and treatment options. We deliver a wide range of dental services to our patients, and have a special interest in treating OSA. We have a sleep specific armamentarium of a rhinometer, pharyngometer, and home sleep study device to help us combat OSA.